What Is SEO? 

Let's be honest, if you don't know what SEO is by now and how it could help your website, you probably wouldn't be on this page.   But just in case you were wandering around and innocently clicking on buttons:

Simply stated, SEO is about getting seen by people who are looking for your product or services from Google, Yahoo and Bing.  They show your site at the top of a search page because they like and trust you...who wouldn't?  

How Our SEO Is Different.

If you fail to plan, your planning to fail!
— Benjamin Franklin

When we are hired to help a website we are looking to make them as successful as possible.  Because of that mindset, we NEVER just start "throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks".   We create a very specific plan of action about who we are competing against, why and how we are going to beat them.  We then execute that plan with exact precision so our customers can experience what real website success looks like!

At Web Insights we believe that good SEO is about Sales and ROI - not just traffic.  While it's true that you can't have sales without traffic, it's also true that you can have traffic without sales!  Getting a top ranking is just the first part.  You have to have the sale to stay in business!  We focus all of our Google friendly SEO strategies to ensure that you are not only getting a good ranking for important keywords, but that you are getting ranking for the BEST keywords that make you sales and bring you customers.  

90%/10% Rule

(well...more of a guideline really)


Yep, depending on who you ask, about 90% of people using Google never make it past the first page.  So, in other words, if you're not on the first page, you might as well be on the 100th page, because your traffic levels from Google are going to be about the same. 

While good SEO can get a bit confusing, it really comes down to two major parts: 

1) Relevancy - If you sell washing machines you aren't going to rank well for stereo systems

2) Popularity - Google only wants to show the best and most trustworthy sites to their users.  So the websites that appear the most trusted and popular get the top spot.  


Why Should You Care About Good SEO? 

Plant SEO today for tomorrow

Easy - We'll give you two reasons:

1) Profitability

2) Company Authority

1) The long term effects of having solid SEO in place on a website is pretty much undisputed.   Some people get frustrated with the unpredictability of Google rankings (we completely understand).  However, the visitors that Google sends to you for free can easily equate to hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in "free" traffic.  While good SEO isn't free, we've seen countless examples of websites that get more traffic from Google every month than they get from all other sources. 

2) How would you like to tell people about your company and just tell them to "Google" a major service (keyword) that you offer and tell them you are #1.  If people are searching for your services and they type in several different terms and you are always coming up  - people notice that.  Having an organic ranking for a keyword you may be bidding on for your adwords account can have a huge impact in converting someone from a visitor into a paying customer.  

Read Enough?  Let's Make It Happen!

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